The Haven church was established in June 2008. We include adults and children, singles and couples, from babies to grandpas. One aim of our congregation is to create environment to which it is easy to invite friends who are interested in believing in Jesus. We especially want to reach those who have no contact with any Christian congregation. We dream of being a community that is enthusiastic about God, follows Jesus, enjoys each other’s company and invites others to know Jesus.

The main services of our congregation are the three Saturday meetings held each month at 4 pm, known as ‘The Haven Evening’ (Sataman Ilta). In these evenings we have translation in English. The menu for the evening is made up of singing together, music, practical teaching from the bible, and sharing a cup of coffee together. The children have their own programme, whilst the adults have their own teaching. Everyone is welcome, come as you are. There’s no need to know everything about the Christian faith, church politics or dogma. A curious mind is all that’s needed.